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Emperor tyrant (28th Nov 22 at 1:51am UTC)
Nine God ancestors have been too lazy to pay attention to him, some people seek their own death, some people seek their own destruction, that is someone else's business, he does not want to be dragged into this war. In the view of the nine gods, Lu Huang is already a dead man. Before long, Zu Lu will also be destroyed. When Zu Lu is destroyed, the spirit world will tremble. Those who think they are invincible in the spirit world will understand what terrible existence they have provoked. At that moment, the spirit world will be crying and howling, at that time, those old people want to regret it is too late. Seeing that the Nine Ancestors ignored him, Lu Huang had no choice but to step down and enter the sacred tree city. I will meet Meng Zhentian and the Dark Ancient Prince! After the Emperor Lu entered the sacred tree city, he immediately ordered the disciples of Zulu who stayed in the sacred tree city to say. The news also spread out immediately, after such news spread out, shocked the minds of many strong people. Who on earth is this Lu Huang? He is qualified to see Meng Zhentian and the dark ancient prince directly. Who on earth is he? All of a sudden, countless people speculated about Zulu's identity. Your Majesty,ultrasonic handheld welder, you are doomed to die. A very powerful and mysterious man has come to Shenshu City. He threatens to avenge Zulu's dead disciple. Early in the morning, Ye Xiaoxiao brought back the news from outside, she said with a smile. Ye Xiaoxiao is completely gloating, she is happy to see a powerful enemy looking for Li Qiye's trouble. It's the one named Lu Huang, isn't it? Li Qiye was not surprised at all. When there was a vision in the sacred tree city, he knew who was coming. Yes,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, I heard that he also met Meng Zhentian and the dark ancient prince. Hey, it seems that your strong enemies are going to join hands. They are going to kill you. Ye Xiaoxiao said with a smile. Li Qiye smiled faintly, touched his chin and said, "This is really good news for me. I'm really afraid that Zulu's people won't come for revenge. It's not interesting to kill the little people. As long as they kill the big people, it's a hornet's nest." "What do you want to do, Your Majesty?" As soon as Ye Xiaoxiao saw Li Qiye's expression, he immediately had a bad feeling. Li Qiye smiled gently and said, "I've always had a dream. I want to plant a giant tree. I think Zulu is a good place.". However, it seems a little cruel that I suddenly planted a huge tree with thousands of dry bones. It's all right now. Since Zulu wants to kill me, it's natural for me to destroy Zulu. "You want to destroy Zulu?" Ye Xiaoxiao was speechless and said, "You should know that Zulu is a place that even the immortal emperor can't attack." "It depends on what means are used." Li Qiye smiled and said flatly, "There is nothing in the world that cannot be conquered. Your efforts pay off. As long as you have that heart, ultrasonic emulsifying machine ,ultrasonic dispersing machine, it will be destroyed." Ye Xiaoxiao could not speak, and if anyone opened his mouth to say that he wanted to destroy Zulu, she would certainly feel funny. However, when this came out of Li Qiye's mouth, she felt that it was not funny at all, and even a little creepy. At this time, Sima Yujian is a little sympathetic to Zulu, at this moment, she realized that Li Qiye had already stared at Zulu. It seems that from this moment on, Li Qiye is like a big hungry wolf. He shows his terrible fangs. As for Zulu, he is just an undefended fat sheep. Chapter 1461 love debt. ? The day after Lu Huang came to the sacred tree city. Suddenly, a divine order came from the sacred tree city, and many strong monks in the sacred tree city accepted such gods. The sacred tree city will hold a meeting of all clans! The shocking news swept across the whole sacred tree city like a storm in an instant. A meeting of ten thousand clans? As soon as he received such a divine order, many big shots were shocked and said in surprise, "The meeting of ten thousand clans has not been held for a long time.". Rumor has it that Yin Tian Xian Di once held a meeting before he became an immortal emperor, and then it seems that it has never been held again.
” "The assembly of all nations!" Even people at the level of Lao Zu were surprised and said, "Not everyone can hold a meeting of ten thousand clans. Now a meeting of ten thousand clans has suddenly been held. What on earth is going on?"? Who is qualified to preside over such a meeting of all nations? "Son of Poseidon, Yazu of the Tree Clan, such a status is enough to preside over the meeting of all clans." The man who came to send out the divine order revealed the mystery inside. Hearing the mystery, the big shot was shocked and murmured, "Is the storm coming?" "Yes, the storm is coming. All the enemies of our spirits, sirens and trees should be eradicated. In this life, the position of the immortal emperor must be in the hands of the heavenly spirit world." The people who came to convey the divine order were full of confidence. The assembly of all nations, what assembly of all nations? The younger generation, who had rarely heard of such a thing as a meeting of ten thousand clans, could not help saying in surprise. There are two meanings of the assembly of all clans, one is the assembly that all clans in the celestial spirit world can participate in, and the other is the assembly that solves the problems of all clans in the celestial spirit world. This kind of conference is very grand and important. Generally speaking, people who do not have enough weight can only sit in the periphery and wait and see, without the right to make decisions.. “…… At the meeting of ten thousand clans, all the important things about the heavenly spirit world will be put on the agenda. Of course, the final decision will be made by the inheritance of those big Macs in a closed-door meeting. After the decision, the result will be reported to all the people present at the meeting. There are elders to guide their juniors. The inheritance like ours is just to be present, purely as an audience. The younger generation could not help saying. The elder nodded and said, "Yes, there are only a few people who can make decisions at the meeting of the ten thousand clans. The other people who attend the meeting of the ten thousand clans are just to convey the resolutions of the meeting,ultrasonic generator driver, so as to avoid conflicts caused by sects, races or strong monks when implementing the resolutions of the meeting in the future. Once a decision is made at the meeting, it is often an era that can affect the heavenly spirit world.." 。 fycgsonic.com
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