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Love swordsman (28th Nov 22 at 1:49am UTC)
"No, I think that day, I will break the sword in my waist and never touch it in my life. Then I will find something I like to do." "Maybe it's possible," Chu said with a heartless smile. "People are not all the same. I'm just saying. Now we should go back." Then he pulled the fire Rouge on the back of a push to help it climb up the ravine, and said with a smile: "Now should ride a slow circle, you may not ride, can I ride it?" "Of course," said Li Jiaojiao with a smile. "Besides, you've already ridden it." "That's different. You didn't tell me before. Now I know. I'll have no reason to ride up and get two whips." Li Jiaojiao said, "I won't beat people casually in the future. After talking to you so much, I don't think I'm so angry.". Ruthless Chu, if we can often get along, I believe I will gradually change for the better. "There's nothing wrong with you," said Chu mercilessly. "I'm leaving today. There won't be many chances to meet you in the future." As he spoke, he jumped onto the horse and slowly urged it to ride forward. Suddenly, Li Jiaojiao jumped up and sat behind him. She stretched her hands from her waist and grabbed the reins. "Let's walk it around twice to see if it has recovered." Chu Ruthless hurriedly wanted to jump down, but Li Jiaojiao held her arms very tightly to prevent him from moving, and the reins were also very straight. If Chu Ruthless tried again, he would probably tighten the iron and urge the horse to run. He was so anxious that he shouted,Agate Slabs For Sale, "Miss, let go quickly and let me come down. How can I do this?"! Let people see what it looks like. ?” Li Jiaojiao said with a smile, "What does it matter? We are friends. This proves that I don't treat you as a groom, and I'm not a young lady." "You can think so, but others don't," said Chu ruthlessly. "In the eyes of others, you are a young lady and I am a groom. That will damage your identity." I'm not afraid. What are you afraid of? Chu Ruthless What's wrong with you? When you quarrel with me,Artificial Marble Slabs, you still have the spirit of an indomitable man. When I treat you like a friend, you shrink like a big girl. Chu merciless can only wry smile, Li Jiaojiao is very happy, both hands behind him to copy, pull the reins, urge the fire Rouge, to gallop back. "Miss, give me the reins," cried Chu mercilessly. "Don't forget that Fire Rouge has just fallen down. You can't run like this again." When Li Jiaojiao heard this, she had to slow down the bridle, but she still held the reins, because her arms were around Chu's merciless and strong waist, and her cheeks were against the broad and strong male back, Nero Marquina Marble Slab ,Marble Projects, and she felt a strange stimulus, even the smell of sweat from his body was very comfortable. When the horse stepped slowly back to the courtyard, Li Qiuhong just came out of the courtyard. He was a middle-aged man with a serious and unsmiling expression. His bright eyes always contained a pressing dignity. Many people came out of the courtyard, some were grooms, and some were his followers or disciples, all of whom came out for a routine morning class to practice martial arts. When the fire Rouge carried Chu Ruthless and Li Jiaojiao slowly back, everyone was stunned by the scene, which was an unbelievable thing. Even Li Qiuhong's rigid face showed a look of amazement, but it was soon replaced by anger. His eyes widened and he snapped, "Jiao Jiao!" Chu ruthlessly knew at once why he was angry. He quickly jumped off the horse and bowed slightly, saying, "Villa Leader, the young lady has sprained her leg." Li Jiaojiao immediately said, "No!"! It's my horse that has a twist. 。” Chu mercilessly winked at her by turning around to lead the horse, and then said with a smile, "Miss, it's no joke to twist a muscle. If you endure it, the injury will get worse and worse, and you will probably be disabled." As soon as Li Qiuhong heard that his beloved daughter had been injured, the anger on his face immediately faded. Instead, he asked with great concern, "Jiaojiao, is the injury severe?" Li Jiaojiao said stubbornly: "I was not hurt at all.".
” But Chu Ruthless laughed and said, "The young lady fell down when she was riding her horse to jump into the ravine. In order to save the horse, she jumped down again and held the horse. As a result, she twisted her leg. I happened to see her. The young lady forbade me to say that I forced the young lady to come back." Li Qiuhong glanced at Li Jiaojiao and asked, "Really?" Chu said with a merciless smile, "The young lady means to ask me to take her to Houzhuang to have a rest and then come back. But I think it's better to let the Villa Leader know." Li Jiaojiao was greatly dissatisfied with Chu's merciless lies, but when she came into contact with Chu's merciless pleading eyes, she could not bear to embarrass him and only hung her head in silence. Li Qiuhong knew his daughter's aggressive temper, but he believed it. He said with a smile, "You are really fooling around. What does it matter if you twist your muscles? Why don't you let me know?"? Come down and show me. 。” Li Jiaojiao jumped off the horse in a fit of pique and said with a cold face, "I'm not hurt." As she spoke, she jumped a few steps to prove that her legs were good, but she was covered with mud and water on the horse, and it really looked like she had fallen down. Li Qiuhong said with a smile, "It's best if you're not hurt. Go in and change your clothes quickly!" Only then did Li Jiaojiao discover the muddy water on her body. Although she was not an artificial person, she did not want to be so embarrassed to be watched, so she jumped and jumped to the village. She was very agile to show that her leg was not sprained, but no one would believe it. Li Qiuhong shouted in the back, "Run slowly and don't twist again." Then he sighed lovingly and said, "This child really can't help it." Chu said with a merciless smile, "Perhaps the young lady's leg was just a slight twist. It wasn't too serious. But just now I saw her sitting on the edge of the ditch frowning. I was really worried. So I didn't follow her instructions and sent her back." Li Qiuhong waved his hand and said,Stone Honeycomb Panel, "You did the right thing. She is too strong. She thinks it's a shame to fall. She doesn't want people to know." Chu mercilessly frowned deliberately and said with a bitter face, "But the young lady blamed me later.." "Don't worry," said Li Qiuhong with a smile. "I'll tell her. Didn't the horse fall?"? It seems to me that it is a little lame. 。” 。 forustone.com
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