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Is the place of the imperial concubine: Wang Ye, e (22nd Nov 22 at 6:15am UTC)
Gorgeous and dressed in red? If it's not Yi Zihan, who else could it be? Xiling war hook lips, or take away! "Your Majesty, there is a saying." Subordinates don't know whether to speak or not? "If you have something to say, just say it. Why do you hesitate?" Xiling Shang raised his eyes and looked at him, with a trace of impatience in his black eyes. Our army to east ink this time, the original battle line is too long, and now has been on hold, I'm afraid in the long run, hay supply will be difficult.. "What does Huaan think should happen now?" Xiling martyrdom eyes, he led the troops for many years, did not know that the expedition is about a quick decision, he is now committed a big taboo in the army, as long as people will drag him to the end of morale, lack of hay, the situation will be extremely dangerous. However, he did not know what he was doing, what he was waiting for, and what he was taking into account? Why is it so wavering? Hua An looked at his deep black eyes, pursed his lips and thought for a moment. He said,12 needle valve, "My subordinates think that if the emperor doesn't want to start a war, he should withdraw his troops early. It's really not a good thing for our army to go on like this, and the emperor has just boarded.." "Enough!" Xiling Shang interrupted him in a harsh voice, and anger rose in his black eyes. "What do you mean I don't want to start a war?"? Who says I don't want to start a war? Who do you think you are? Is it the worm in my stomach? Hua An slightly twisted his eyebrows, but he didn't do anything. After so many years with him, how could he not know his temperament? Everything is in his heart, buried deep, dead not to say,brass tube fitting, dead not to admit, even if people say into his heart, he will lose his temper with others. He has been used to it for so many years. After thinking about it, Hua An nodded again and said, "The emperor calmed down. That's not what the subordinates meant. What the subordinates said was that the emperor was kind and did not want to start a war for fear of hurting innocent people." As he spoke, he raised the corners of his eyes and peeped at him. Proud man, don't you just want a cover, a step? The thin lips of Xiling Shang pursed into a cold straight line, silent for a long time, and the lines of facial condensation slowly softened down. Now that I'm here, I don't have the habit of returning empty-handed. As for not wanting to hurt innocent people, I have other ways. You can go back. I'll think about the way to attack the city alone. "Yes!" Hua An hooked his lips without any trace and bowed out of the tent. With a long sigh, Xiling Shang leaned back in his chair behind him. What on earth was he doing? Wait for her to regret? Wait for her to beg him? Or wait for her to hate him? If she came to him, would she forgive her? No, stainless steel needle valve ,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, that is even more unforgivable, now such a situation, if she came to beg him, it can only mean that it is for another man to beg him, he will not forgive. But if you're not waiting for her to come, what are you looking forward to? Xiling Shang, Xiling Shang, when did a woman make you so confused? ........................................................................................................................ ............................................................ Thank you for Snow White's flowers! Prime subcode ~ ~ The pit is 183 meters deep: like a magic spell Tingting woke up again and found that she had returned to the palace of Dongmo. On the way to the carriage, she also woke up several times, but every time she opened her eyes, she was dizzy by others. Jumping up from the bed, she rushed out again and found several imperial guards guarding the door. Good, Xiling Shang, you are cruel enough. She gritted her teeth, stamped her feet and fell back on the bed. Lazy When a maid saw her wake up, she brought her toiletries and presented her with a letter. "Princess, this is the man who sent you back yesterday. Let the maidservant wait for the princess to wake up and give it to the princess.".
” Tingting opened it doubtfully, and the word "dragon flying and phoenix dancing" above was Xiling Shang, "I promised Tingting that I would not hurt him!" With joy and disbelief in her heart, she repeated it several times and suddenly jumped up from the bed, holding the letter in her arms and giggling happily. I knew he would be like this. In this world, this brother has always been the best person for her. After washing up and having breakfast, she felt bored and thought of Cher's blindness, because she was almost punished by Xiling. Walking on the long palace road, followed by two bodyguards, Tingting looked back and smiled, not annoyed, she also knew that people must have been ordered to do things, afraid that she left the palace without permission. As long as Xiling's words are in hand, she is not worried, from small to large, this brother has not deceived her, not to mention that now you have no jokes. Arriving at Cher's Fanghua Hall, the door of the hall was closed, and she was told by the maid at the door that the Snow Concubine was still resting. Worm Still resting? Tingting looked up at the sun, it was a long time before noon, and she was still resting. If the emperor is not at home, the first pet in the harem is comfortable! Ignoring the maid's obstruction, Tingting rushed straight in regardless. But is stunned to find, the nave inner hall searched, where there is Cher's figure? She looked back and glared at the maid who came in with her. "Is this what you call the Snow Princess resting?"? Where does she rest? Several maids were so frightened that they knelt down and kowtowed. "The maidservants don't know. The Snow Princess said she was not feeling well and wanted to rest. Let's not disturb her these days. The maidservants only need to send meals to the nave." Tingting was a little suspicious, but when she saw the used leftovers on the nave table, she didn't think much about it. It is estimated that Cher should be like her, bored and not free, and go out to play for a while. He told the people kneeling on the ground,ball valve manufacturer, "Don't talk nonsense about this outside. Empress Xuefei may have something to do. Everything is still as she said.". By the way, when she comes back, don't tell her I've been here! 。 chinaroke.com
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