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Lord of the Rings (22nd Nov 22 at 6:08am UTC)
The players behind him seldom spoke, and even if they did, they only whispered to each other. There was hardly any sound other than their own: the thud of the Gimli Dwarf's boots, the heavy footsteps of Boromir, the light tread of Legolas, the low, inaudible voice of the Hobbits, and the slow, firm, striding voice of Aragorn. When they stopped, there was no sound except the occasional dripping of water. But Frodo began to hear, or to imagine, an eerie sound: something like the faint sound of walking barefoot. It was never close enough or loud enough for him to know for sure; but as soon as the expedition began to move, the footsteps would not stop. But this is by no means an echo; for when the procession stops, the footsteps often continue for some time before they finally stop. ※※※ They entered the mine after sunset. During this time, apart from a few pauses, they have been walking for hours without any rest. Gandalf suddenly stopped and began to check the direction carefully. In front of him was a wide arch,Nail production machine, leading to three passages, all of which went east; but the leftmost road went down, the rightmost road went up, and the middle road continued, flat but very narrow. I don't remember this place at all! Gandalf stood under the arch and said, not knowing what to do. He held his cane high, hoping to find any trace that would help him decide his path,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, but there was no trace. I'm too tired to think clearly, "he said, shaking his head." I think you're at least as tired as I am, or more tired. We'd better stay here and rest tonight. You know what I mean! Although it is an eternal night inside, the time outside should be long past midnight. "Poor Bill!" Sam sighed and said, "I don't know what happened to him. I hope the wolves didn't catch him." They found a half-closed stone door on the left side of the arch, but it opened with a push of their hand. It looked like a large room cut out along the stone wall. Don't worry! Don't worry! As soon as Pippin and Merry saw a place to rest, they rushed forward in high spirits; and Gandalf shouted, "Steady!"! You don't know what's in there. Let me go in first. He walked in carefully, and the others followed. You see He pointed his cane at the very center of the floor. Only then did the party see the entrance of a deep well. There was a lot of broken rusty iron nearby, some of it sticking into the mouth of the deep well, and there were fragments of rock nearby. You might have fallen in by accident just now, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, and now you might be wondering when you will fall to the ground. "Aragorn said to Merry," While you still have a guide, you'd better ask him to lead the way. " "This seems to be a guard barracks, which is used to guard the three passages outside," Gimli said. "This hole is obviously for guards, and there was a stone cover on it. But now that the stone cover is broken for unknown reasons, we'd better be careful. Pippin's curiosity made him want to look into the well. While the others were arranging their blankets and preparing to make their beds against the wall, he slipped quietly to the well and looked inside. A cold wind blew down from the invisible abyss below. Egged on by damned curiosity, he picked up a stone and dropped it. He felt his heart beat several times before there was any sound from below. Then, from far away, there seemed to be the sound of a stone falling into deep water. Puff! But under the amplification and reverberation of many tunnels, the sound quickly spread out. What's that noise? Whispered Gandalf. When Pippin admitted what he had done, Gandalf breathed a sigh of relief, but he was still angry. "You stupid Tooker!" "This is a serious mission, not a Hobbit's walk," he snarled in a low voice. Next time you'd better throw yourself in and save us a lot of trouble. No more tricks! After a few minutes, there was still silence. But from the far depths of the earth came the faint sound of knocking: thump, thump, thump.
They stopped what they were doing and listened. When the echo disappeared, they continued to hear thump, thump, thump and thump. It sounded like some kind of disturbing signal, but after a while, the knocking sound disappeared and disappeared. "Unless my ears are broken, it must be the sound of a hammer," said Gimli. Yes, "said Gandalf," I don't like the feeling. It may not have anything to do with Pippin's stupid rock; but it may well have awakened some power that wasn't meant to wake up. You'd better not do this kind of stupid thing again! I hope we can have a good rest without interruption this time. "You, Pippin, are the first man on night watch. This is your reward for your heroism." He stretched into the blanket. Pippin sat by the door in the dark with an innocent look on his face, but he still looked back uneasily, fearing that some horrible monster would climb out of the well. He wanted to cover the mouth of the well, even with a blanket, but even though Gandalf seemed to be asleep, he dared not go near the well again. In fact, Gandalf was just lying still and silent. He was thinking hard about what he had done before entering the mine, trying to decide what to do next. One wrong turn could be a big mistake. An hour later, he got up and walked over to Pippin. "Go and find a place to sleep, boy," he said softly. "I think you'll want to sleep. I can't sleep,Coil nail machine, so I'll be on night duty. Gandalf sat down by the door. "I know what this is all about," he muttered. "I want to smoke! I haven't tasted tobacco since the morning of the blizzard. The last thing Pippin saw before he fell asleep was the old wizard crouching on the ground, protecting the flames with his calloused hands. The light of the fire lit up the wizard's pointed nose and the smoke rings he exhaled. ※※※。 3shardware.com
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