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Xingyu (22nd Nov 22 at 5:51am UTC)
In any case, since the old man had made up his mind to embarrass himself and his party, Ling Feng naturally would not choose to flatter him in a low voice. After so many things, he has deeply understood that a show of weakness can never win the respect of others, or even pity! The only way to get respect from others is to show your own strength, and the great truth must be "spoken" with your fists. It was Ran, and he wasn't going to waste any more words. Ling Feng hands on the back, step by step toward the path up, as if nothing! "I want to die!" Seeing this, the old man was furious. He shook up his arms and shouted, "Falling Star Sand!" Suddenly, nine long light flow tentacles rushed out of his body toward the void. Each tentacle was only the thickness of a finger. The surface was smooth as if it had been polished tens of thousands of times. Once it was waved out, there was a violent whistling sound, as if it had split the air into several pieces. Ling Feng was startled in vain, then closed his eyes, and his footsteps seemed to step on the air. In a flash, the time and space around him seemed to shift subtly. The clear sky disappeared, replaced by a dark and deep as ink. Invisibly, it seemed that a huge millstone was pushing, and the lingering charm of heavy stagnation was constantly flowing, as if to push the whole starry sky to turn. Kill everything! Hiss, hiss, hiss. Seven Jian yuan appeared from the sky, like seven pillars supporting the sky, making the starry sky into an iron bucket. The old white man,plastic pallet manufacturer, on the other hand, was surrounded by thick flames, fluttering and flickering like endless stars. Nine tentacles pierced the void with the whistling sound of exploding eardrums, and then the void opened a hole, and the rich starlight poured down layer by layer, quickly forming fist-sized spheres with uneven surfaces like sedimentary rocks at the tips of the tentacles. Falling star sand! Stars fall like rain, and after billions of years, a star that can be inhabited by millions of people will be worn down to the size of a person, but once a star sand of this size falls,spill plastic pallet, it will be enough to shatter the continent and fall into the ocean! Naturally, the white old man's display of this move, of course, can not reach such a level, but his display is to take the true meaning, the power is not to be belittled. Ling Feng took a deep breath, unconsciously thick silver light from the depths of his eyes, heart. Suddenly become very quiet, such as the depths of the sea of silence, calm and peaceful. This time, his eyes no longer have opponents, nor all the appearance of fancy attacks, there is only a pure energy change, strong, weak, weird, magnificent. All the energy and breath are perfectly presented in the sea of knowledge, plastic bulk containers ,collapsible bulk container, one by one analysis! Right spirit buzzed, Ling Feng's eyes suddenly opened, and pointed to a point: "Stagnation!" The white old man controlled the nine tentacles and threw them violently, and the star sand falling from the high altitude fell straight down with a huge force. He was about to smash the black ink void in front of him, but An invisible viscous force came out, and the nine star sand, like a mosquito fly with its head smashed into a spider web, suddenly stopped in midair! They trembled desperately, trying to break away from the invisible bondage, but the seven swords were running at the moment. In the human line of sight, they do not move very fast, but if you stare a little, you will immediately feel dizzy and almost vomit. Confrontation! Star sand and Jian yuan seem to have spirituality, a force from the rotation of Jian yuan, looking at the weakness of energy, entangled the star sand, and the star sand desperately trying to break free. The expression on the white old man's face completely changed into a piece of horror, no real fight, no matter how magical Ling Feng's reputation spread, when people see him will not give birth to attention from the heart, because he is too young! So young, is it really possible to have a strong cultivation? Ling Feng gave him a heavy blow with absolutely shocking facts! "Twist!" In the white old man's shocked eyes, Ling Feng gently spit out a word! In vain, The sword shows to follow! Spouted out a column of rice, the first column directly followed the weakness into the "Chuan Yue Department", under the interweaving of each other mercilessly a disorderly cut.
Cluck Just listen to a sound like sesame shell, nine star sand suddenly burst, each piece seems to be heavy to the extreme, even tired of the void are shaking. The white old man shook violently, his face flushed, and a mouthful of blood threatened to gush out of his throat, but he swallowed it hard! Ling Feng is also uncomfortable, Jian yuan received a strong shock, the force of the shock along the subtle connection directly transmitted to the knowledge of the sea, the soul seems to have been hit by a heavy hammer on the head, a time of disorder. Rao is so, but from the surface can not see a cent, his expression is still as hard as steel, even the muscle lines are motionless. Once the star sand is twisted open, the next thing is a lot of good blade, only to see the sword yuan spray out of the light column back and forth to cut the potential of the more urgent. Two, four, eight pieces of "star sand" were eventually cut from the inside into hundreds of thousands of pieces, each of which was only as big as a grain. "Son, do you think you can break the old man's skill like this?" The white old man's eyes suddenly opened, and the tremendous pressure on his skull made all his blood fill into his eyeballs. A loud shout came out from the chest: "Explode!" In an instant, all the star sand fragments began to expand as if they were full of gas. The degree of expansion became faster and faster, and the degree became more and more intense. In the blink of an eye, it became a square circle. Its surface is constantly expanding and contracting, which is very unstable, and it is likely to explode in the next moment! Ling Feng was startled and exclaimed, "Go back!" Needless to say, Shi Tian'er rolled up his sleeve and wrapped it around Heslan, who shot directly into the sky. Obviously, the old man can fight with Ling Feng to the present,plastic wheelie bins, Xiu Wei must have been the spirit level! How terrible will be the power of the self-explosion of the energy of a strong man at the spiritual level? I'm afraid it's not too much to raze all ten miles around! Heslan and You Tianchi have not even reached the spiritual level. Once this happens, they will be the ones who are in charge of it. Run, it's a self-explosion! 。 cnplasticpallet.com
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