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Midnight Hades Marriage: The Ghost Husband Is Cute (17th Nov 22 at 12:54am UTC)
Rong Qi suddenly smiled, but the smile made me laugh. I always thought.. He murmured. It was full of strangeness that I had never heard before, as well as forbearance, which suppressed his anger and unwillingness. My heart, pain into a ball, I want to tell him loudly, not like this. But Rong Qi's tall and straight figure had already stood up quickly, threw the door and went out. Because he left so suddenly, I was thrown on the bed by him and hit my head on the head of the bed, waiting for me to get up. The sound of closing the door had come from the door. He must have gone to the hospital to find Yan Xiaoxiao. I suddenly cried, Rong Qi is very good, good let me feel ashamed, no matter which time I am angry, almost all he took the initiative to ask me for peace. Now, I guess he won't come to me again. I thought about making friends with him, being a superior and a colleague. But I have never been ready to be a lover, because I can't pass the threshold in my heart. Unexpectedly,Heme Iron Polypeptide, he said such cruel words to Rong Qi. I grabbed my head and thought I was going crazy. I don't know when it was dawn. I didn't have breakfast. My hair was disheveled. I was wandering around the house like a ghost. I was completely lovelorn. When Zhao Xin came to see me at eight o'clock, he was startled by me. Miaoer, what's the matter with you? A ghost in the middle of the night? "Almost." I said feebly. Is there something wrong with you and your boyfriend? Zhao Xin carefully guessed, and when he saw that I didn't respond, he immediately frowned. Or how did that little bitch hit you? Come on, I'll whip her. With my best friend like this,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, what more could I ask for? It has nothing to do with her. My boyfriend has promised that he only cares about me and has no feelings for her. I lowered my head and said sullenly. Then why do you look like you've been sucked dry? Zhao Xin stared. "I have nothing to say. I only feel that everything is done. This life is not done without living." Zhao Xin, you are my know-it-all, let me ask you a question, if you say a very. What will happen to your boyfriend if he hurts his self-esteem? Even I didn't realize it. In fact, I always claimed that Rong Qi was my boyfriend. I just don't know whether it will be in the future or not. When Zhao Xin heard this, he thought for a moment and said, "To what extent does that depend?" "It's pretty deep, probably, no less than cursing his parents." I thought to myself. Zhao Xindeng opened his eyes wide and looked at me: "Miaoer, you are bold and fat. No wonder you look like such a ghost. Is there any chance to save it?"? Or you go to apologize, go to the school to pull the banner, I know a shop.. "I'll fork it." The more he said, D BHB Factory ,S Adenosyl Methionine, the more he lost his edge. You're the one with a good boyfriend. You belong to the kind of person who is not easy to find with a lantern. As a sister, I'm afraid you'll miss it in a muddle. Although in our society, there are more women than men, and bachelors are everywhere. In many cases, men apologize to women, but as a woman, you should bow your head. "What if I don't feel right for him?" "What is appropriate or inappropriate, unmarried men and women are not married." Is your boyfriend okay with that? Zhao Xin looked at me as if something had happened. Should All right. As soon as I said that, I almost bit off my tongue. It was all something. Then what are you struggling with? Life is too short to love. Zhao Xin chatted with me all morning before I came back to life with full blood, but I hesitated whether to apologize to Rong Qi or not. But I don't want to meet someone in the afternoon. Classmate Su, what a coincidence? "Just call me Miaoer." I smiled. It was Qin Xiangdong, the young policeman who caught Zhang yuan last time. Today he was wearing a decent police uniform. It's very handsome in the sunshine. On a business trip nearby? I asked casually. The expression on Qin Xiangdong's face became a little ugly, and he nodded solemnly, "There was a cruel murder nearby." Miaoer, do you remember the video I gave you last time? I nodded. It was a weird video of Bei Wei's suicide that was taken outside the dormitory building.
"What's the matter?" Qin Xiangdong hesitated for a moment, or said: "I suspect that last time that thing came out to harm people." This time, the deceased was a man whose lower body was dismembered, but there were signs that he was probably holding a knife and dividing his own body. I took a slight breath. Not only that, what happened to him before his death was very similar to that of the two girls, fulfilling many of his wishes. "And then?" I asked. Qin Xiangdong a little decadent shook his head: "This is obviously a supernatural event, I am afraid it is a headless case..." I am not a policeman like Qin Xiangdong, nor do I have a sense of justice, but I know what he is talking about. It's a contract doll for a ghost keeper. But I couldn't say that to him directly. In a flash, I thought of someone else. Group of leaves. Ye Qun has been tracking down the ghost keeper, perhaps, Qin Xiangdong can help him, and Qin Xiangdong, perhaps can also find the answer from Ye Qun there. I found that this idea is really great, so I immediately told Qin Xiangdong, to introduce a friend to him, a friend who knows this very well. Qin Xiangdong came to the interest, but he is still on business, can not do private affairs at will. So we had to make an appointment in the evening. After that, I immediately called Ye Qun with great interest. I'm afraid he has no clue now, Qin Xiangdong is absolutely his gospel, so we hit it off and agreed to meet in a restaurant. Volume II Phantom of the Ancient House Chapter 172 Meet Du Yu Again Ye Qun soon arrived, first with me to go in and wait, we just sat in the window seat, twilight,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, surrounded by bright lights, just watching the flow of people on the street. Brother, buy a flower. Your girlfriend is so beautiful. A little girl selling flowers came to my table. pioneer-biotech.com
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