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Mech sniper (17th Nov 22 at 12:49am UTC)
"Everybody look, ah, heavy airframe charge, Captain Long Dika is the strongest mecha fighter, in the face of a key to the day of continuous shooting, unexpectedly easily dodged, the distance between the two airframes has now been shortened from four kilometers to three kilometers.". Rejoice! Let's cheer for Captain Rondika! Let's witness the crushing attack of the heavy airframe in a few minutes! The host took the Mike and began to stir up the atmosphere. On the virtual display, Rondika's mecha is like a fearless warrior, interspersed with energy beams, fierce sprints, those agile dodging movements, it is hard to believe that he is driving a relatively heavy body. Rondika, Rondika -- "The soldiers who had bet on Rondika's victory, seeing that he had the upper hand, began to cheer when they heard the host's words.". And those who buy a key to win, see this seemingly one-sided battle situation, can only watch the game quietly. Captain, this game is going to be lost. But you can't blame him, he came to the front less than a whole year, a few months ago he was a recruit who could blow up his own ammunition depot with one shot, but now he has participated in the highest level of combat on the base. Unfortunately, there is still too little experience in fighting with one key every day. Ricci looked at the virtual display in the center of the training ground and said nervously. What do you think are the odds of winning this match? Ling Xue turned to Ricci and asked. Less than one percent. Ricci thought for a moment and answered. He has performed very well, facing a losing battle, for the sake of our team's dignity,long span shelving, he did not refuse to fight against Rondika. Let's shout together for the day one key, the day one key refuels, our sixteenth team supports you. Captain Ling Xue looked at the battle pictures on the two virtual cockpits and began to shout. Under the leadership of Captain Ling Xue, the 16th team began to cheer for Tianyi Key, but the cheers of more than a dozen people were still too light, too light, compared with the voice of the whole training ground calling for Longdika. Meanwhile, at the VIP table, Major Jason was accompanying his granddaughter Feng Xiner to watch the game. Grandpa, who do you think will win the game? President Shuai Feng Xiner asked in a low voice to Major Jason beside him. What's the matter? I'm afraid the day will win. I want to date with you. Don't worry, Xiner. If you listen to the voice of the venue, you will know that the shooting is not fierce enough, Industrial pallet rack ,Pallet rack upright, the angle is not tricky enough, and the winner of this battle is definitely Captain Rondika. The wretched old man answered with a smile. That's fantastic Hearing the answer of the mecha master beside her, Feng Xiner, who could not understand the mecha battle, smiled on her little face. As the battle progressed, the heavy airframe on the screen was only 50 meters away from the sniper airframe piloted by Tianyi Key, and the two airframes were about to engage in close combat. Four kilometers of charge, in the face of the other side's sniper master's unrestrained shooting, the heavy airframe was not hit by a shot. Those who watch, completely do not understand the day a key shooting routine, can understand is strange, from the beginning of the battle, the day a key did not attack attentively. All the people watching the game thought that the victory of the battle would belong to Rondika, and the voice of cheering his name was getting louder and louder. Rondika, Rondika -- Just when everyone thought the game would be over and the winner would be produced, suddenly, the heavy body of Rondika in the picture was hit by three beams of light in succession when he was doing a difficult rotation to avoid it. With a "boom", he stopped charging and fell to the ground. The heavy airframe is seriously damaged, and the winner is one key. Then the battle screen ended, and the mechanical electronic synthesis sound came from the screen. This sudden change made the originally noisy competition field become quiet immediately. Chapter 96 of the main text Feng Xiner's first kiss. A few minutes later, the silent crowd began to explode. The soldiers began to discuss the unexpected ending of the battle with the people around them. People who thought they had lost money immediately became excited, while those who had just shouted the most became a little depressed. Captain, look, the sky has won. He actually hit the cab of the heavy airframe at the last minute. I'm not dazzled. He actually defeated Captain Rondika with three consecutive shots. Ricci said excitedly to Ling Xue beside her.
"God took care of our sixteenth team, less than one percent of the winning rate, and let him win." Ling Xue was also very excited at this time. As you can see, Captain Rondika's heavy airframe was inadvertently killed by the strongest sniper on the base with a triple shot at the last minute. Although the overall strength of Rondika seems to be stronger than the key of the day, it is only a matter of victory or defeat on the battlefield. Let's cheer for the winner of this competition. The host said loudly in order to arouse the atmosphere of the meeting again. ---- After the race, Captain Rondika and I both came out of the virtual cab. Let's be quiet. I think we all remember the bet three days ago. Now let's invite Feng Xiner to give her first kiss here. Of course, after that, Feng Xiner will spend an unforgettable five hours in the snow with our young staff sergeant Tianyijian. The host said. Hearing that the next program was a kiss from the commander in chief, the venue quieted down again, and some soldiers even raised small cameras to take pictures of the wonderful moment. The light shone on Feng Xiner, and Feng Xiner's wheelchair was pushed behind by the wretched old man. She walked out of the VIP room and drove to the stands. I'm sorry, Commander Feng, I let you down. Captain Rondika said guiltily to Feng Xiner in the wheelchair. There is no 100% victory in the battle. I hope you will not be negligent next time. This is just a virtual battle between comrades in arms. The victory or defeat will not kill you. I believe you will have a satisfactory performance in the future. Feng Xiner said calmly to Long Dika. Yes, I'm leaving. Long Dika said to Feng Xiner, who was sitting in a wheelchair, and then turned to leave. Today he is the loser, and today here does not belong to him. For Long Dika,warehouse rack manufacturer, who has always admired Feng Xiner, let him see with his own eyes that the commander he likes should dedicate his first kiss to another man. If he is a man, he will not be able to stand it. Staying here will only make him more depressed. omracking.com
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