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Me, from a thousand years ago. (28th Nov 22 at 2:01am UTC)
This means that the Galactic Empire's attitude towards this war is proactive, not limited to defense, and is bound to invest more troops in the front line, or even open up two or more war zones. It also means that the Eighth Fleet has a chance to be used as cannon fodder. 213 embark on a journey After the Eighth Fleet arrived at the naval port, on January 6, the newly formed Ninth and Tenth Fleets also arrived at the naval port. Three fleets will be waiting here for the Grand Admiral to finish the military affairs of the capital star. At six o'clock on the morning of January 10, the Eighth Fleet received instructions from the Capital Star. Marshal Lin Mo has set off from the capital star and will arrive at the naval port at noon. After reviewing the preparations of the three fleets, he will travel with the Eighth Fleet to the Tilamat system, while the other two fleets will also pass through, but will split into Double Distance One and Double Distance Two as they pass through the Vega system. Why do we have to work with those two fleets? I don't think the emperor trusts us very much. If you ask me, maybe the marshal himself went to the front as a cover, and actually watched us all the way. The garrison of the Tenth Fleet had received the arrival of the marshal early in the morning, and the soldiers who needed to be prepared in advance were whispering. They had already begun to prepare, and after arriving at the naval port on the 6th, they had already entered the state of combat readiness. Compared with the Eighth Fleet, which did not enter the state of combat readiness until the 8th, they had a lot of hard work. Who said it wasn't? On the seventh day, I had already taken a rest. I wanted to relax and went to the resident bar. Who knew that the Master Chief found out and scolded me. The deputy commander of the Eighth Fleet was also drinking in the bar and looked at me with pity. Another soldier continued discontentedly. The Eighth Fleet is a direct descendant of the Grand Admiral. Can it be the same as us? The third soldier looked sarcastic. "We are the largest principality in the empire, and the emperor's trust in us is probably not as good as that of the former rebel of the Ninth Fleet." "Tut, we just don't have a general's father, so we can only be a sergeant on the warship all our lives, at most a lieutenant.". But look at others, a woman is only in her early twenties, and she is a lieutenant general. The battle of Sinadrana, to put it nicely, who knows if it was the marshal who wanted his sister to ascend the throne and deliberately let out the military merit. A student who hasn't left school yet, who can believe it? The soldier who was the first to open his mouth curled his lips, and the last few days were really suffocating. Where have they ever suffered such a grievance in the principality? When there's a real war, can those guys in the Eighth Fleet still laugh? "No one can laugh when there is a real war.". Do you think our commander can be compared to a marshal? You'd better be careful. A passing master chief, who was usually more talkative, interjected, "Don't complain, the marshal will arrive at the naval port soon." Seeing the officer's words, the soldiers could only turn back to their posts in silence. At the same time, the commanders of the three fleets were already standing in the naval port hall waiting for the arrival of the Parsifal. After registering for service on the Rosamund, Inflatable dry slide , Lin Jian returned the Parsifal to Lin Mo, who had not yet had time to buy a new flagship. Lin Mo seemed to have a lot of affection for the Parsifal. Although he became a marshal, he still used the flagship that had accompanied him for many years. The commanders of the three fleets, in turn by fleet number, stood at the entry port of the flagship, with their respective deputies standing behind them. At 11:19 p.m., the huge dark blue hull of the Parsifal slowly sailed into the naval port. Ten minutes later, the hatch opened and the suspension ladder extended. Lin Mo was the first to go out of the cabin door and stand on the automatic suspension ladder, followed by Fisher and the young adjutant and the confidential secretary of the army. When Lin Mo stepped on the ground of the naval port, the chief officers of the three fleets standing in the port and waiting immediately raised their hands and saluted. Lin Jian stood in the front position, with a standard salute, watching Lin Mo stride from not far away. He walked very fast, the cloak of the marshal's uniform hanging behind him, the hard-soled military boots stepping on the ground, making a clear sound of rhythm, giving people a sense of oppression in the quiet entrance hall. As he walked along, he raised his hand in return to the fleet commanders waiting here.
This reminded Lin Jian of the night nearly three years ago when Lin Mo first appeared in front of her, striding forward like this, raising his hand and saluting smoothly and gracefully. That night, this man left a very deep and shocking first impression on her, and it was that shock that made her trust him unconditionally as a stranger in the days to come. Time passed quickly, when he was the youngest major general in the empire, now Lin Jian himself is a lieutenant general, and he has set foot on the peak of the military career. Stranger is awesome. Lin Mo has passed in front of her, Lin Jian looked at his back, still tall and straight. For a moment, she withdrew her gaze. Then in the face of the female confidential secretary, she did not get a response, but she knew the identity of the confidential secretary. This young female captain is Aliwynd in disguise. Two hours later, a meeting will be held in the Naval Port Cooperation Conference Room, and all the officers above the rank of three fleets will be present. Lin Mo had left the entrance of the naval port in a flying car, and Fisher, as a senior adjutant, conveyed the news of the meeting to several commanders of the fleet. The marshal had already left, and the chief officers of the three fleets were planning to leave at this time because they were not very familiar with each other's positions. Lin turned and motioned to Brant to leave together, but was stopped by Fisher. Lieutenant General Lin, please wait a moment. Lin turned around and saw Fisher striding toward her. He was now a colonel, serving as an aide and senior adjutant beside Lin Mo. She did not speak,inflatable air dancer, waiting for Fisher to say what he meant to stop her. The marshal asked me to give it to your excellency. Fisher handed Lin Jian a sealed box about ten centimeters long and three centimeters high, and then said, "It's what Lord Nolan asked the marshal to bring before we set out.". Time is running out. Lord Nolan may not have had time to mention this to your excellency. 。 joyshineinflatables.com
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